Re-opening the doors of the Hotel Patara Viewpoint

Finally we are opening our doors again and look forward to welcoming guests during the months of August, September and October.

The sun is shining, the air is balmy, a loud chorus of cicadas are singing in the olive grove, the sea is crystal clear and rest and relaxation are beckoning those of you who plan to visit over the next couple of months.

We are thrilled to be welcoming guests back after such a long period of uncertainty . The past few months have certaninly been challenging times for us all, and we know that there are many of you in need of a relaxing break. Now that flights are back in the air it seems the right time to re open albeit for a shorter season.

What to expect.

We want to keep the atmosphere at the Hotel Patara Viewpoint as relaxed as possible, but at the same time our priority is to keep everyone safe. This year there will be a few small changes at the hotel to ensure that we comply with social distancing measures and to keep our guests and ourselves safe as we adapt to the ‘New Normal’. We will be following government guidelines and advice. However we see this as a shared responsibility and trust that our guests will play their part.

Distance does it

There is plenty of outside space, whether it is around the pool, in the garden or out on the cushioned Ottoman terrace. So please make use of all of the outside areas to relax, read or have a chat with friends.

The Hotel Patara Viewpoint is personable and quirky and we do not want to put up lots of notices and lay down lots of rules and regulations. We simply ask therefore that our guests use their common sense in respecting social distancing rules whilst sitting in the Reception lounge or out on the cushioned Ottoman terrace. We will keep indoor areas well aired with open windows and doors.

There is a lot of open countryside around us and an enormous beach and so finding a spot to relax whilst at the same time ensuring physical distancing, should not be difficult!

Health and hygiene measures around the hotel.

We have taken the following measures around the hotel to ensure the health and safety of both our guests and our staff.

Adhering to government guidelines for physical distancing (1.5metres). So the sunbeds around the pool will be arranged to accommodate this as will tables and chairs in the dining area

Thorough deep cleaning of rooms between guests

Providing hand sanitizer in public spaces around the hotel for staff and guests to use at every opportunity.

Public areas of the hotel will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day with extra attention given to high touch areas such as light switches, remote controls and taps.

To give all of us plenty of space to move around and relax, the hotel will be running at reduced capacity.

The bedrooms:

Our experienced housekeeper will have taken care and time to ensure that your bedroom has been meticulously cleaned and disinfected before your arrival. Extra attention will be given to high touch areas including light switches, remote controls and taps.

We have moved any non essential items from the rooms . The room will be simple but clean and comfortable.

All bedding and towels will be washed at a high temperature.

The rooms will be cleaned daily, however if you prefer that our cleaner does not go into your room on a daily basis, please let Anne Louise know and we can make special arrangements for her to go in every few days when you will have a change of sheets and towels.


In order to comply with Government guidelines we will not be able to offer an open buffet breakfast. Breakfast will be served to you at your table. At particularly busy times we may ask you to book a breakfast slot. We ask for your patience as we learn to adapt to this new way of providing our delicious breakfast whilst at the same time meeting all guest’s requirements and needs.

Snacks will be available at lunch time and the bars will be running as normal

The village ,the beach and the surrounding area.

Most places are now up and running in the village including lokantas, restaurants, Gözleme houses and small markets.. The beach is open as is the beach cafe and sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent. You will be required to wear a mask when you travel down to the beach and your temperature will be taken as you pass through the gate to enter the archaeological site. Once on the beach you are free to remove your mask as long as you keep your distance from others, however you will be required to wear a mask if you go into the beach cafe or use the bathroom facilities.

Buses are running to the nearby towns of Kalkan and Kaş. You will be required to wear a mask , for the duration of your journey, when using any public transport. Plenty of shops and restaurants are now open in both places.


We will be running our excursions as normal. You will be required to wear whilst on the bus but will be free to remove this once you are outside and able to respect the social distancing rules.

Looking forward to seeing you….

For those of you who are already booked in, we are looking forward to seeing you. For those who fancy a relaxing break, plenty of fresh sea air, sunshine, a chilled out vibe and the opportunity to enjoy a break with friends and or family, then please do get in touch to check on availability.

All of our accommodations are now open.

The Patara Viewpoint

The apartments:

The villas in Kalkan and Üzümlü: