The rewards of a Spring visit to the Mediterranean coast of Turkey

Spring is an uplifting time of the year. After the dark, cold months of winter, Springtime is the season when everything starts coming to life again. a season of vibrant colours and longer days. The weather is warmer, buds explode into beautiful blossoms and the hills and valleys around Patara and Kalkan are carpeted in wild flowers. The coastal region slowly comes to life making it an ideal time to explore the area at a gentle pace in a perfect temperature.

Our favourite things about a holiday in the Springtime.

Wild flowers are in abundance.

It is the ideal time to discover beautiful beaches without the crowds.

Spring and early Summer provide the perfect temperatures for exploring archaeological sites along this coast, including Patara, Xanthos, Letoon, Myra, Pinara and Tlos

It is the season to get your walking boots on. Head off into the hills, walk part of the Lycian Way and take advantage of the cooler spring temperatures and longer daylight hours.

It is the perfect time to visit places of historical, archaeological and natural interest at a gentle pace.

Hang out like a local. Explore local markets, eat traditional foods, spend time chatting with locals and watch as the area wakes up and comes to life for the summer season.

On the Mediterranean coast, Spring arrives early and the temperate climate makes it an ideal time for exploring. April is very early season and is ideal for those wanting peace and quiet and to be able to go off walking and exploring archaeological and historical sites without the crowds. Quiet evening meals can be enjoyed in the restaurants that have opened, followed by a nightcap as you plan your next day’s activities. For those who prefer to combine activity with periods of relaxation, swimming and spending lazy days by the sea, we would suggest a holiday from mid May onwards when the pool and sea water will be warmer, all restaurants, shops and cafes will be fully open and all facilities will be available, but at a gentle pace in a perfect temperature.

All of our self catering accommodations are available from April. Please see the accommodations page of our website

Staying in self catering accommodation gives you the flexibility of exploring local markets end enjoying cooking all these amazing fresh ingredients in the comfort of your own kitchen. Tempted to relax in the Spring time in your own Turkish home? Please get in touch

The Hotel opens in time for Easter (dates vary from year to year) and we try to bear in mind when school holiday dates fall. For the month of April we offer bed and breakfast only and some snacks. Our restaurant does not open until May.

Tempted to take a Spring break? Please get in touch