The humble hamam towel that has kept on trend throughout the centuries

Hamam towels, also known as pechemals are authentic Turkish bath towels. They are flat woven and hand loomed by skilled artisans using ancient techniques passed down through families for generations.

The home of the hamam towel is the Aegean region of Turkey and its roots date back to the 2nd century BC. The small villages that make up this ancient area are still responsible for producing many of Turkey’s hamam towels today.

Originally the towels were used in the hamam (Turkish bath) to cover the body and keep one’s modesty- as well as being used to dry off afterwards. If you visit a Turkish bath today, you will automatically be offered one of these light towels as you enter.

No longer  just used as a towel, hamam towels have stood the test of time and continue to be used world wide, now produced in an amazing range of colours and fabrics and are a trendy accessory in many 21st century bathrooms!


The hand finished towels combine the comfort of cotton with an extraordinary colour palette to create an extremely versatile item! They are great for the beach as they are light and easy to carry and can double up as a sarong or beach wrap. But they can also be used as a bath towel, a wrap, a throw, a table runner, a table cloth, a picnic blanket, a scarf and so much more. Once washed they become softer and more absorbent.

It is great fun to explore the variety of textile stalls on large Turkish markets, many of which sell hamam towels, and in both Kalkan and Kas there are shops specialising in Hamam towels and hamam accessories which include traditional olive oil soaps and locally produced rose oil, copper bowls and soap stone dishes.

These towels are a fabulous item to buy in Turkey as they are far cheaper here than in the UK and the rest of Europe, they are easy to carry back home with you, will not add too much weight to the luggage allowance and are a colourful, versatile extremely useful momento of a trip to Turkey. They will also make a much loved and well appreciated gift!

We  have a wide selection of Turkish hamam towels available at the Patara Viewpoint. Made in “BULDAN”, a famous textile town for centuries, these make fabulous gifts, particularly if combined with a bar of organic, hand made olive oil soap!

We would certainly recommend taking a Turkish bath on any holiday in Turkey. A wonderful experience that will leave you feeling not only squeaky clean but totally relaxed and refreshed. There is a small Turkish Hamam here in the village that comes highly recommended by all guests who have visited. If you prefer the true Ottoman experience then the Hamam in Fethiye takes place in the original Ottoman building.