Rewards of the open road – hiring a car in Turkey.

Turkey is a fascinating country, an eclectic mixture of modern and ancient , a country where east meets West. A country filled with amazing archaeological sites situated in stunning locations, a country of outstanding natural beauty, a country of majestic mountains and turquoise blue seas.

If you want to have the freedom to explore at your own pace and perhaps visit some places off the beaten track then we would highly recommend hiring a car. Although Turkey has a superb public transport system, it can be time consuming and having your own transport enables you to follow your own timetable, stop off enroute to destinations, take picnics or coffee breaks in spectacular locations and generally enjoy the journey rather than simply the destination.

Seek out secret Coves and beaches away from the crowds:

Take yourself off up into the mountains to explore mountain villages where life has remain unchanged for centuries, stopping every so often to breathe in the spectacular vistas.

Immerse yourself in history. So many amazing archaeological sites to visit along the Lycian Coast.

Hang out with the locals. Visit local markets selling amazing local produce, relax with a tea or enjoy a traditional village snack of freshly made gözleme (Turkish pancake) served with ayran (a traditional yoghurt based drink)

Expect the unexpected!

When you hire a car it means that you can enjoy taking advantage of unplanned opportunities. Perhaps it is an offer of çay (tea) or a Turkish coffee after a chance meeting with a local. Perhaps it is the opportunity to be guided around the archaeoloical ruins and village at Sydima followed by freshly prepared lunch in a local village home. Perhaps an amazing photo opportunity presents itself at an unexpected moment (an awesome sunset, a stunning view as you turn a corner, a herd of sheep walking towards you and you need to stop to let them past, rock tombs on the hillside that you spot as you turn a corner). Perhaps you are passing through a village where there is a wedding. You will be invited to partake in the celebrations. Perhaps you plan to go for a morning swim but find such a beautiful spot that the morning swim turns out to be a relaxing day in a secret location where you stay until the sun goes down! The possibilities are endless!

So you have decided to hire a car, but are unsure where to start!

If this is the first time that you have hired a car in Turkey, then why not just hire one for a few days during your holiday. We are able to organise for a car to be dropped off at your accommodation and to be collected againat the end of the rental period. Most car hire companies prefer a minimum rental period of 3 days. Three to five days would give you opportunity to go out exploring the local area, venturing as far afield as you feel comfortable. We can give you lots of ideas!

For those of you who are happy to pick up a car at the airport, this will open up lots of opportunities. You can either drive directly to your accommodation and use the car for daily trips out and about. Alternatively you could use your car to take a touring holiday, staying just one or two nights in each place that you visit. Lots of amazing Road trip possibilities in Turkey.

It is worth noting that the car hire company that we work with will allow you to pick up and drop off the car any where between Antalya and Dalaman. For those of you who fancy exploring the area between Dalaman and Antalya this is great opportunity to fly into one airport and out of the other, exploring the area between the two.

Things that you need to know:

Facts about driving in Turkey.

In Turkey you drive on the right hand side of the road

The minimum age to hire a car in Turkey is 21 years old.

If you have a photo card driving license and it is written in the Roman alphabet, then you can use it to drive in Turkey. Otherwise you will require an international license.

It is mandatory to have your driving license on you at all times that you are driving in Turkey. Sometimes there are police checks and you will not be permitted to continue driving your vehicle if you cannot produce your driving license. It is also advisable to carry your passport and any vehicle rental documents.

The Turkish Highway code is similar to the code of other European countries and the international protocol on road signs is followed.

On roundabouts, priority is given to vehicles coming onto the roundabout.

Speed limits through towns and villages is 50 KM per hour, on two lane carriageways is 90 KM per hour and on motorways 120 Km per hour. (Unless otherwise specified)

It is mandatory to wear seatbelts.

It is not advisable to drink any alcohol if you are driving. There are random checks and limits are very low. Fines are particularly hefty if you have passengers. Our advice would be to drink zero alcohol if driving!

Quirky facts about driving in Turkey!

Priority to be given to people coming onto a roundabout.

Priority should be given to pedestrians on Zebra crossings. However as a pedestrian never trust that anyone will stop to let you across!

Sometimes when a car is going to turn left, they will indicate left, but then move over to the right to wait until all traffic behind has passed them. other drivers will indicate to turn right and will move into the middle of the road. please therefore approach a car indicating to turn left with caution and wait to see which move they make!

Take care when driving at night. Be aware that some vehicles do not have lights! Often tractors with trailers who have headlights but no rear lights.

We would advise that if you drive carefully and with consideration for the unexpected, then you will be comfortable and safe. The opportunities that car hire will open up to you will make the decision well worth it.

For any guests staying at our hotel the Patara Viewpoint in one of our apartments or in one of our villas in Kalkan or Uzumlu we are happy to arrange car hire for you. Please just email us to enquire about vehicles available and prices.

Happy Driving!