‘Lycia is the mountainous bump on the South Coast of Turkey, where the Taurus range plunges into the glittering Mediterranean. The Lycian way follows Greek and Roman roads and aqueducts, traditional nomadic trails and forest tracks around the coast, rising over ranges and diverting around deltas. Existing tracks have been linked up to form a continuous walking route that stretches over 530 KM, soars along cliffs, winds through forests, pauses at deserted beaches and takes several detours inland.’ (Top treks of the world, Steve Razzetti, New Holland Press).

It is possible to walk several sections of the Lycian way, whilst staying with us here at the Patara Viewpoint. As this is a linear walk, we are happy to offer, where needed, transport to and from the start and finishing point of each walk. The best times of year for walking are the Spring time (March through to end of May) and the Autumn (Late September to end of November) when the climate is temperate and more suited to walking. We would advise wearing walking boats or sturdy shoes, as the paths can be rocky. Some of the walks are easy, others more challenging, but we are happy to provide you with advice, maps and information on walks in this area to help you plan the most suitable routes.

In addition to the Lycian way path (which is a marked pathway) we can also provide ideas for other walks in the local area, taking in historical sites, local villages and countryside offering spectacular views of both mountain and coast.